Alfi Adventure

858124 plays
Alfie is a little boy who likes to eat carrots, and he dreams of carrots everywhere. So he decided to start the biggest adventure of his life, looking for the legendary carrot, Come and join Alfie's adventure.

Caveman Adventure

10004 plays
The levels start off quite easy and you must simply click on the caveman to make him walk – he will always walk forward – you have to place certain objects to alter his course or to make him avoid obstacles. if you place some meat on the platform for example, the caveman will eat the meat and then change his direction. Alternatively, if you place a chilli at the edge of a gap, the caveman will jump over it! Think carefully about each level and assess the route your caveman needs to take. Can you complete every level and help our hero reach his home?

Knigh Tower

80503 plays
Gameplay: Click on the left and right screen to switch to jump, step by step on the top of the castle it!


36996 plays
Play as a brave Explorer who will fully obey Your orders. Guide him through many dangerous and exciting levels. Use the new invention, the "Nano Blaster" that allows You to overcome the obstacles!


10000 plays

Smiler Cubes

10000 plays
Smiler Cubes

Carnival Night

28795 plays
Carnival night is about to begin, are you ready? Beautiful women gathered at night, who is the queen of the night?