Sun Charms

15277 plays
Take a whirlwind tour across the magical land populated by cute wizzies and wake them from slumber! complete all missions given by colorful characters - fill the star meter, collect jade crystals, destroy pesky goo - and prove yourself as a master wizard.

Conflict legend

23980 plays
Gamer’s Guide newest game has been released and Clash of the Legends has everything to be a legendary combat challenge, with powerful heroes!

Halloween Chain

3290 plays
This halloween time... well maybe not yet, but soon.ur goal in this shooting match 3 game is to eliminate the chain of orbs before they reach their final destination.

Western Sheriff

21734 plays
Navigate the area with onscreen controls to move your horse around. Engage in a third person shooting action to take out the wild raider gang. While on the run, jump over obstacles to avoid falling down and keep a steady aim to kill each wild raider.


269951 plays
A test of the coordination of the game, the player's task is to avoid the corresponding color box, collect the corresponding color ball.

Fury Road Neon

290168 plays
"How to Play: Control the neon car to travel farther away."

Kitten Fingding Food

5629 plays
It is a funny puzzle game about a kitten! Everybody knows that cats eat more during the winter and now this cute kitten is so hungry, and it wants something to eat. Your task is to help it get the food with your mind.