10303 plays
You want to feel different kind of flybird? Join us! You will have an unexpected surprise Oh! Control your alien giant to move forward it!Challenge yourself to obsessive-compulsive disorder!

Mountain racing

137811 plays
Got bored? here is a game to kill your boredom. Get ready for racing on Mountain with our car。 BEWARE: Most Addicting and Fun game ever made!!

Magic Stones 2

26490 plays
Puzzle game similar to bejeweled in which you have to get rid of the gems on the board. Unblock them a score points, doing it as fast as possible so you don't run out of time.

Gloobies Worlds

3476 plays
The ball is very simple to play the world, capture the planet, even if the elimination of hostile planet to win. Come and challenge yourself!

Best Candy Friends

3221 plays
Draw lines on the puzzle board to match 3 or more identical pieces of candy. Try to make your heroes stronger to finish off the evil villains. Don't leave one standing!

Zombie Cows

143401 plays
After a major mad cow disease outbreak, Zombie Cows are EVERYWHERE! You need to defend yourself, rescue your family, and save the world from these cows gone mad. How will you save everything you ask? With eggs, frogs, and staplers of course!

Crocodile Millionaire

23236 plays
Crocodile Millionaire is a great gamble game, you have to get the prices out of the crocodile his mouth. If he bites you, than you are game over!