Pirates of Islets

70358 plays
The Pirates lost the treasure hidden on the islands they own and they need your help to get the golden coins back. Tap to make the pirate jump from one place to another. Collect the coins and treasure chest you will find in between.

Save Santa !

4925 plays
Save Santa - Maze Game. Navigate your way round a series of challenging levels of varying difficulty to see if you can Save Santa from the clutches of the Evil Elf. Save Santa and Save Christmas!!!

Hold My Hand,Friend

7537 plays
This is a very interesting game, players can click the cute little monster to adjust the direction, so that each little monster hand in hand. Collect the stars as much as you can. Some barriers really need to discover how to pass it.

Furious Speed

585372 plays
Push the pedal to the medal! In this cool racing game you can totally satisfy your need for speed! Race against opponents,earn prize money and buy new cars and tracks.Collect coins to earn bonus money and avoid oil stains,they will make your car spin!

Cube Scape

421968 plays
Trying to help criminals escape from prison! Explore your intellectual escape from the police chase.

Baseball Heroes

517384 plays
The real show baseball scene, playing fly ball, let opponents collapse. Hit the screen and let the batter hit a home run!

Christmas gift

47360 plays
This is a puzzle game that you can get Christmas gift from Santa Claus. Who earning more Christmas gift from Santa Claus will get more points.