Pirates of Islets

70358 plays
The Pirates lost the treasure hidden on the islands they own and they need your help to get the golden coins back. Tap to make the pirate jump from one place to another. Collect the coins and treasure chest you will find in between.

Get Away Driver

132948 plays
Full of fun bumper car game, the goal is to crash the opponent's car, there are many props can eat Oh, refueling it!

Cricket Challenge

63256 plays
Cricket batter Challenge is a HTML Sport GameChallenge different teams and show your batting skills

Let's park!

180662 plays
For all the car Parking Freaks. Here is all new Car Parking Game we are Presenting . Improve your parking with this Awesome Game.


10000 plays

Zombie Cows

143401 plays
After a major mad cow disease outbreak, Zombie Cows are EVERYWHERE! You need to defend yourself, rescue your family, and save the world from these cows gone mad. How will you save everything you ask? With eggs, frogs, and staplers of course!

Froze Our Kids

118908 plays
Someone has frozen your kids in blocks of ice. Can you use your fire breath to free them all? Aim carefully and blow fire in the right direction. Can you collect all three stars along the way? Good luck!