Ninja Ascend

52312 plays
Avoid spikes and fire as you try to exit each level

Smiler Cubes

10000 plays
Touch the cubes of same color to destory them! So many levels that would keep challenging you till the end.

Magic cooking kingdom

10000 plays
You want to immerse yourself in a fantasy world but too busy to play time-consuming, attention-seeking games?

Furious Speed

585372 plays
Push the pedal to the medal! In this cool racing game you can totally satisfy your need for speed! Race against opponents,earn prize money and buy new cars and tracks.Collect coins to earn bonus money and avoid oil stains,they will make your car spin!

Jelly Pop

10000 plays
Jelly pop is a fun, addictive puzzle game.In this game you have to merge the two similar jelly to make another jelly.Play this wonderful game until your last tile is fill with jelly.


113661 plays
Game objective: crossed the obstacles, destroy the enemy to complete the assassination!

Missile Defense System

19379 plays
The enemy is attacking our base with missiles crazy, you are responsible for directing intercept, to protect our base.