Ninja Ascend

52312 plays
Avoid spikes and fire as you try to exit each level

Mia Chrismas Mall

10695 plays
Today is Christmas, a lot of people go out shopping, Mia's mall business is also very hot, every commodity has been looted. Mia is so busy that she needs your help! Come on!

Epic Snowman

84468 plays
Build a huge snowman is not an easy task, but it is great fun.

Super Sprint Karts

279299 plays
A competitive Kart Race game will start. The Kart you are driving is on the way, fierce and exciting game is about to begin, pls come to compete with your opponents and snatch the honor of the king.

Professor Bubble

18741 plays
Professor Bubble is a fast paced match-3 arcade puzzle game that takes the gameplay of the much-loved Puzzle Bubble to a whole new level by adding cool extras, you can buy cool stuff like a bomb to clear a whole area.

Puzzle Battle

3063 plays
Link puzzle! Summon monsters! And battle! Join Wiki the summoner on her journey to battle monsters by connecting puzzle to summon minions!

Bombs and Zombies

30010 plays
The town is being attacked by zombies, is approaching the human habitation. You propose to use the bombs to protect families and residents.Please notice that you need to connect two identical bombs to throw bombs.