56289 plays
VEX 4 takes Vex to the next level! This fast paced stickman game puts your skills to the test. Run, jump, slide, swim and avoid obstacles, VEX 4 has it all. Complete 9 acts, 9 hard modes, Vexation and the Challenge Room!

Trubo Tastic

154659 plays
Transformers race start it! Using a variety of deformation props, change the ability of vehicles, speed beyond, rampage Come experience this passion moment!

Cricket Hero

86523 plays
hit the balls and avoid bombs and eggs

Treasure Hunt

18409 plays
Your kids will have a blast trying to find all the pirate treasure across twelve different treasure hunt pages. A simple game for toddlers and young children to find treasure just by tapping on jewels, gold or jewelry.

Alarmy Desert

34928 plays
In deep-deep space where is even asteroids not fly, lives Alarmy - the most energetic alarm clock in the galaxy. One day he was flying around his cosmic possession and had found a planet full of sleepy aliens. He couldn't pass by, he should help them.

Caveman Adventures

12436 plays
Help the caveman to avoid the bouncing rocks and collect the chicken!

Free Runner

48744 plays
Gameplay: Click "PLAY" to start the game, Click on the screen to control the little boy jump.