Extreme Bikers

42512 plays
Hop on your bike ride and jump Execute stunts perfectly avoid obstacles and reach the end safely

Sun Charms

15277 plays
Take a whirlwind tour across the magical land populated by cute wizzies and wake them from slumber! complete all missions given by colorful characters - fill the star meter, collect jade crystals, destroy pesky goo - and prove yourself as a master wizard.

Brust Limit

106494 plays
Practice of throwing grenades, they should fall closer to the monster in order to achieve the maximum desired effect of destruction. You do not see the target, few who manage to get there the first time, if it happens, you - super fighter.

Bread Pit 2

42165 plays
Bread Pit2 is a physic-based puzzle game, the gameplay is quite simple, make the toasts to gather the cheese, and then send them into the oven successfully, come to enjoy the sweetie game.

Space Shooter

177394 plays
Moving up the Intergalactic expanses you will be faced with an army of space pirates that can capture your ship. Start the first attack to break through the wall of the enemy and destroy him. Focus on management, trying to blow up everything in their path. Maneuver and shoot accurately, clearing space.

Candy Cupid

16049 plays
It is Valentine's Day, the best time of the year to delight your sweetheart with love and candies!Play smart, make good use of the mighty boosters and have yourself a great Valentine's Day!

Treasure Hunt

18409 plays
Your kids will have a blast trying to find all the pirate treasure across twelve different treasure hunt pages. A simple game for toddlers and young children to find treasure just by tapping on jewels, gold or jewelry.