46852 plays
In Snail Bob 6 Winter Story you must give Snailbob a merry Christmas. Keep him alive by solving all the puzzles. Complete all the levels with 3 stars and unlock many of the minigames.

Master of Potions

90639 plays
Master Of Potions - Potion master only takes a few bottles of chemicals, can produce different results.This master of the pharmacy to pharmacy for elements, more innovative consumer game.

Puzzle Battle

3063 plays
Link puzzle! Summon monsters! And battle! Join Wiki the summoner on her journey to battle monsters by connecting puzzle to summon minions!


51363 plays
You awake to find yourself lost in time. The powerful Time Lord is intent on disrupting the time-space continuum. He sends Time Bots to capture you. Solve a series of challenging puzzles, retrieve the keys, and restore order to the universe!

Candy Rain

28993 plays
Fireworks may seem magical, but the Candy Rain may be the most delicious event. Use your finger to spin the earth and explore the Candy world.

Baby Cow Launcher

11136 plays
Baby Cow Launcher is a physics based game that takes a lot of wits and skill to play through,The greedy farmers are milking cows for profit. As General Cow, your task is to disrupt these greedy farmers.

Valiant Knight

129544 plays
Play as a brave knight who has set off to rescue the princess of the kingdom! Travel through this adventure platform collecting coins along the way, avoiding traps, and fighting enemies that you cross.